The Alpha Ring

Azure Lorica has been recruiting Judges in the past years, mainly for FanFilm Awards. And with this service continuing as a new tradition of Azure Lorica, we've made it permanent with a gift. In prior years, these Judges would just volunteer and say yes. But now, we wish to commemorate their time and contribution with an Alpha Wolf ring. 

Since we offer a FanFilm and a Mental Health film festival, we believe that the wolf is best to represent our Judges. Fenrir is a Norse mythological beast that ends Odin's life, which aligns well with the trophies of FanFilm Awards. Werewolves are another name for those suffering from panic attacks and other mental ailments that recur due to being "triggered". Both events intertwine well in our mission for antibullying, and as savage as a wolf may be portrayed, their noble qualities aid to the nature of our cause.

The ring designs will not be the same annually, but we aim to make this tradition last. We are proud of our Judges, and we are humbled by their loyalty to our mission. Their service is marked and rewarded with pride. Their names will be placed in our websites, and their service certified with a personal letter from our Board of Directors.

And with our sincerest gratitude, Azure Lorica would like to thank all our Judges from yesteryears, presently, and for those to come. Your help has made an amazing difference.

Judges are hand-picked by our directors, and their letter will come prior to the event, and their ring after their service.