Azure Lorica Summer Gala

Azure Lorica Summer Gala

You're invited to the Gala of the Summer! Filled with brilliant showcases from Azure Lorica's private clubs. Join us for film screenings, book readings, and stage performances!

"The Gala of the Summer!"

Your ticket supports our charity, in donating to nonprofit programs that promote suicide prevention, LGBTQIA+ support, and more.

Azure Lorica produces and publishes as an Anti-Bully Society. Azure Lorica Summer Gala is the annual celebration of its film, book, and stage clubs accomplishing their goals.


Film Submissions (since 2015)


Volunteers (since 2010)


Participating Countries (since 2015)

August 21 & 22 | via Zoom rsvp now

About The Summer Gala

Collecting our talents from around the world, filmmakers, writers, and actors come together to showcase their work, and support our antibully cause. Nestled in Los Angeles, CA, Azure Lorica is an antibully society, producing this annual event to fundraise our cause. Proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations that support said cause, and help Azure Lorica with its operations.

We will be recording each zoom event, separately as AM and PM programs. To download both AM & PM programs, RSVP for both:

Join us for Table Readings

Enjoy evenings of script and book readings from international talents - read by brilliant local Los Angeles Actors!

Exclusive Film Screenings

Watch international fanfilms and participate in exclusive Q&A Panels with the cast and crew of the FanFilm Awards Nominees!

Attend Virtually Anywhere

Our Gala is online. Join us anywhere, by computer or phone! We post updates on our schedule via instagram.

Downloads Exclusively For Attendees

Registrants will have downloads available before and after event via email. Please RSVP to AM and/or PM Programs, as both lists differ.

DOWNLOAD: Triskele Press - Issue 1

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Antibully Society

These three clubs have organized the productions to promote our cause. Presenting the Antibully Society of Azure Lorica:

Film Club

Film Club

Book Club

Book Club

Stage Club

Stage Club


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All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2021 © Azure Lorica.